Amor Vincit's purpose is to allow for an environment of change, where love-conquering, courage, and determined intention -warrior attributes- elevate authenticity and self-expression. 
Our collections remind people they can conquer. Amor Vincit is a gentle toss of design and healing, requiring in-depth research and specialized support. Amor Vincit’s designs are uniquely inspired by the life of a Virginia activist. 


I wanted to define agency for myself after moving from Bolivia 20 years ago without a return date. Moving was an involuntary life change. My gratitude for the new life in America became a dedication in a career with my work in immigrant rights. While developing the idea for Amor Vincit™, I explored immigration barriers and personal traumas which the big move created for me. I wanted to personalize as much as possible. I realized building this project was a rebellious act as some one who strictly followed the career advice of close ones - this evidently became a renaissance. I know we all must have our share of life changing experiences at points in our lives. We are told there’s a set of rules, and aren’t we rebellious for breaking them. 

That’s why I'm focusing on warrior attributes for Amor Vincit™, in a sense because emergent change happens everyday and the idea is to kindly support those moments. 

  • Hareth Andrade-Ayala, Founder and Creative Director